What is Formula SAE?

Formula SAE is a competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The competition is open to engineering faculties worldwide and consists of the design, construction, and testing of an open wheeled race car. The cars are constructed according to engine and frame limitations that promote engineering creativity. All cars must pass through a 96 point technical inspection before being allowed to compete. The cars are built over a time period of one school year and are taken to several competitions each year with over 150 schools from 13 countries participating. FSAE provides valuable real world experience that can be directly applied in the automotive, as well as other, engineering sectors in post graduate pursuits.

What is special about Queen's Formula?

Queen’s Formula team members contribute over 10,000 hours each year to designing, building and testing the car, as well as managing the team’s finances, logistics, and external relations.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Queen's Formula

We've reflected on our team's history and what we can do to make our future more accessible and inclusive for all students. Read more about our commitment to change here.


Where do we compete?

Queen's Formula attends various Formula SAE sanctioned competitions throughout North America – Formula SAE Michigan, at the Michigan International Speedway in May, Formula SAE California, held at the Auto Club Speedway in June, and Formula SAE North held in  Hagersville, Ontario. 

How do we raise money?

Without our sponsors we would not be able to build our car let alone compete at competitions each year. Queen’s Formula runs on a budget completely raised by the students on the team. A large portion of this money is raised through University grants and sponsorship donations. These can be monetary but are often in the form of discounts and in-kind donations.


Check out our current sponsors on our sponsorship page: