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What you'd be doing...

Operating like a small business, we have team members working on engineering projects, data analysis, the latest promotional videos, and so much more.  Check out the sections below to see what you could be doing on our team.

Engineering Team

The backbone of the entire operation, the engineering team, is constantly working towards designing, building, and testing of this year’s race car.  Here, you can work in any of our disciplines (electrical, powertrain, vehicle dynamics, etc…) on projects ranging from transient engine tuning to ply optimization for carbon fiber aerodynamic components.  Members will typically spend the fall months conceptualizing and designing their system through the software suites available to the team.  Experience will be gained in SolidWorks, Optimum K, Ricardo Wave, Matlab, and many more programs.  Throughout the winter you will get to see your idea come to life; this is typically the highpoint of our manufacturing season.  Resources available to the team including a fully functioning machine shop, 3D printers, and a composites lab will help make your idea a reality.  Lastly, the spring months are when you get to test your design and see it come full circle; either on its own dedicated test bench or while the car is running.

manufacturing Team

If you are more of a hands-on person or would like to get involved in some intricate manufacturing processes, our manufacturing team may be right for you.  Regardless of the time in the season, there is always something to be made and it helps when we have members with a high caliber of skill in this area.  The members of the manufacturing team help build most of the more complicated components throughout the car.  Detailed instruction in CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software and the individual machine interfaces is taught by senior members and the machining staff at the university.  There is no better way to learn how to use a mill, lathe, plasma cutter, or a welder than through this.

media Team

Unfortunately, everything is not always super pretty or interesting, but it is the job of the media team to make it.  Whether it be promotional videos, social media posts, or team documents, it is the job of the media team to project our best image and get people excited!  For engineering students that want a less technical role, arts and science students that enjoy film and photography, or anyone else who has a passion for race cars, you can expand your cinematographic skills with a fresh canvas that is itching to be captured.

sponsorship Team

If the engineering team is the backbone of the project, then the sponsorship team is the fuel that keeps the body going.  Needless to say, our sponsorship team is integral to the success of every project.  It takes a special skill set and some dedication, but a new sponsorship venture is what it takes for some projects to become viable.  Members working in this group will be our primary liaisons with the companies that support us.  On any given day you could be researching new ventures, managing the finances of open accounts, or developing an asset management plan for future projects.  If the money and the industry connection is what excites you, then this is the right field for you.

administration Team

There are a surprising number of things that need to take place behind the scenes for the team to function effectively.  It is not only the management of team members that the executive needs to take care of, but help in communications, bookings, and asset management are always required.  Working on the administrative team you can contribute towards the team’s safety policies, IT items, competition and testing travel planning, and most importantly, deadline management.  If you are not sure what time of time commitment you can afford, or you like to work at odd hours, the administrative team will be a good flexible fit where you can still make a sizable impact.